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5 Basic Rules for Choosing a Perfect Web Design

5 Basic Rules for Choosing a Perfect Web Design

When choosing a web designer for ecommerce website development, you should consider a few basic principles. This article will look at usability testing, visual hierarchy, composition, and readability. Each of these principles is crucial to the design process. Without the connection between design elements, the whole thing falls apart and fails. So, how do you choose a web design that will get the desired results? Read on to learn more.

Usability testing is a crucial part of any design process:

There are many ways to conduct usability testing, but the most important is by observing actual users. Ideally, the usability testing will occur in a controlled environment where participants can be observed and interviewed. Testers should note any problems that users may encounter. A usability test should include metrics to measure learnability, efficiency, and success. Unless participants are asked to think aloud and provide feedback, the results will be subjective.

Visual hierarchy:

You can’t have a great website without a good visual hierarchy. It’s all about organizing information on your site so that it’s easy to read and understand. You want the user to notice certain elements before they become lost in a sea of text. Keeping this in mind, you can produce a perfect design for your audience. Below are some of the rules that make a good visual hierarchy.


The best way to increase readability is to make your content easy to read and avoid long, dense paragraphs. Instead, use short, simple sentences that users will understand and use images to draw attention to the copy. Web pages that are easy to read will encourage people to stay on the page longer and read the copy. Readability is a key element of web design, so consider it carefully.


A successful composition means arranging elements functionally and effectively. Focus is a crucial part of any design. A strong focal point is essential for attracting viewers’ attention to the key elements of the design. If this is not accomplished, the design will not be successful.

Color scheme:

There are many factors to consider when establishing a color scheme for your website. A color scheme should be easy to read for users of all visions, whether they’re sighted or color blind. You can use a tool such as the Contrast Checker to check the colors on a website. A website’s primary color should be the dominant color, while secondary colors or accent colors should complement it.